logo writrscWRI Turkey Sustainable Cities started its projects on transportation in Turkey as EMBARQ in 2005. With an institutional re-organization in 2012, EMBARQ renewed its formation and continued its projects in Turkey under EMBARQ Turkey Sustainable Transportation Association. To introduce integrated solutions to urban problems, WRI united its programs dedicated to cities under WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities in 2015. The EMBARQ Centers in Brazil, China, India, Mexico and Turkey adapted to the organizational change and became country offices of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities producing integrated urban solutions in mobility, urban development, energy efficiency and climate change areas.

WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities is a non-governmental civil society organization that focuses on practical applications of sustainable urban transport and development, based on global research and on-the-ground experience. Cities designed with these principles in mind can provide safer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives for all their residents. In turn, these cities can reap the social, economic, and environmental benefits of sustainable urban development, transport and public spaces.

WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities is a member of the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities network, which is a signature initiative of World Resources Institute (WRI) that works to make urban sustainability a reality. Global research and on-the-ground experience in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey and the United States combine to spur action that improves life for millions of people. WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities helps to build more holistic infrastructure for cities by emphasizing sustainable and equitable integrated transport, land-use planning, and urban design. This approach allows us to influence on-the-ground planning, related policies, financing, and implementation. Our innovative research and practice bridges processes and policies through transit-led development to achieve sustainable communities that are livable, compact and safe for all.

WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities has been cooperating with Danish organizations since 2010. It has worked with Consia Consultants for Road Safety Audit and Inspection studies, and with GEHL Architects especially in Historcial Peninsula oriented projects. It will continue collaborating with these two companies in 2014 and it has begun to cooperate with Danish Cycling Federation for bike projects in Turkey. Based on the experience with Danish organizations, EMBARQ Türkiye -SUD believes that Turkey can benefit immensely from the experience of Denmark on sustainability and green growth. This Danish Green Growth Network is a unique opportunity to where both other organizations and we can share the knowledge and experience on sustainability and green growth.