HoE Logo JPGHouse of Energy is the Danish energy cluster for sustainable energy technologies working with electricity, gas and heat in the entire value chain from production, distribution and delivering the energy to the consumer.

Heating and cooling is one of House of Energy’s dedicated focus areas, where we organize matchmaking and knowledge sharing, gather consortiums and identify financing for new district energy projects. House of Energy is your one-point connection to the Danish energy sector including Heating and Cooling, and we give you access to the right people. 

House of Energy’s position of strength is integrated energy systems, and we connect companies, knowledge institutions, municipalities, utility companies, investors and other actors with an interest in energy. Danish Green Growth Network is a strong platform to connect our members to Turkish companies and stakeholders.

House of Energy is active in projects and collaboration with Turkey. One example is the project named Green and Flexible District Heating/Cooling in Turkey (HeatReFlex), in which Turkey benefits from Danish experience on efficient heating technologies. The project objective is to lay the foundation for a future bottom-up energy system in Turkey based on renewables, communities and flexibility.