LOGOThe Association for the Development of Biogas Investments (BiyogazDer) is established for to increase the biogas investments in Turkey. The association makes seminars, panels and visits to potential customers. Besides, the association prepares reports to government departments. The most important field of work is to show the investors that biomass sources are suitable for developing biogas infrastructures and investments.

The association collaborates with universities to inform the students in order to create jobs and plant based opportunities. Promoting EPC and other suppliers of biogas, the association reviews different academic studies and delivers the relevant reports to their customers. In annual meetings, the association organizes talks with biogas investors and discuss the problems and solutions.

BiyogazDer thinks that the new era for Turkey rests in renewable energy from biomass. Turkey has 100.000 tons MSW, 400.000 cattle wastes and 40.000 chicken wastes per day. Landfill, wet fermentation and combustion plants capacity are totally 450 MW. This is only 10% of the total capacity for biogas. On the other hand, the investors' financial and technical capacities are not enough to handle the investment problems. Thus, Danish Green Growth Network helps us finding reliable investors and technical solution companies.