ÇEDBiKThe Turkish Green Building Council (TGBC) aims to contribute to the building industry's development by means of the spread of principles of sustainability. Turkish Green Building Council; which was established in 2007, under the leadership of our founding president Mr. Ali Nihat GOKYIGIT and our founding vice president Ms. Duygu ERTEN has now more than 100 supporting members.

Turkish Green Building Council conducts its activities with the belief that buildings and settlements designed and constructed with an ecological sensibility allow us to live and work in healthier places and lead healthier lives.

Turkish Green Building Council organizes educational programs, develops pilot projects with government and universities and conducts lobbying activities to increase public awareness about the necessity of green building while also encouraging the building industry to develop along principles of sustainability.

Systems evaluating the environmental impacts of buildings and their surroundings are effective tools when aiming for green transformation of construction industry.  Turkish Green Building Council is currently working to fill this void by adapting an environmental certificate system for buildings specific to the geographical, climatic, political, social and technological context of Turkey.

TGBC has been granted Full Council Status with the World Green Building Council (WGBC) on June 2012 and continues to develop its substructure through an increasing participation both with other Green Building Councils in the world and with the local construction sector.