surdurulebilirlik_akademisi.pngSustainability Academy is a nonprofit social enterprise with the mission of being a pioneer in business world in order to accelerate the sustainable transformation in business world for a sustainable future and progress. Sustainability Academy is leading about the placement and development of sustainable business in Turkey and development of sustainable life styles in society with sustainable studies from a global approach by creating sustainable platforms within this perspective, we aim at carrying out activities to raise the benefits of sustainable business models and give information on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In this context, we carry out researches, employee engagement programs, conferences, seminars, workshops,  trainings, CSR Projects, social impact assessments, and informative and consultative services directed to university students by cooperating with the national and international corporations, NGOs and state institutions aiming for sustainable future and that have internalized or on the urge of internalization sustainability in their business processes.

We know that sustainable future is only possible with economic, social and environmental sustainability.